Design protection for new opening aid granted

Packaging development for Norway, produced on VARIOVAC Multipower

The non-adhesive, overlaying part of the separately applied label serves at perfect opening aid

Up to 80 grams of precisely sliced product are packed per layer under modified atmosphere. This MultiLayerPakage is presented in a hanging manner in the supermarkets. The slices can not slip inside the package.

Norwegian supermarkets were calling for new previously unknown end user packs for cold slices under the condition that the typical Norwegian display pack dimensions had to be respected. The traditional Norwegian company Finsbraten AS approached VARIOVAC with clear targets and the desire for a new pack design. In close cooperation with MPack, the exclusive Norwegian distributor of VARIOVAC, and the product development department of Finsbraten AS, a special solution for a new package was developed with high advantage for the end user. The result is a special MultiLayerPackage with two product layers. The first product layer can be opened by the end user separately; the second product layer remains freshly packed. The highlight of this attractive new package is the striking opening aid, which is produced by a separately applied label on the package top. The non-adhesive label's supernatant makes the opening of the package really easy. These labels are applied by a cross web labeller on the top film after the cutting station at the VARIOVAC Multipower.

The customer Finsbraten AS is a family run business headquartered in Eidsvoll and another manufacturing facility in Oslo. Since more than 50 years this customer is well known for traditional quality of meat and sausages.

From their production facilities in Eidsvoll and Oslo all Norwegian supermarket chains are supplied with sausages and specialities of meat products. Finsbraten A/S works with 4 VARIOVAC packaging plants .
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